The Gifts of Spirit and the Power of Love


The Kingship of Saints


Rev. Chun Soo Lee



The Age of Spirituality has begun.  The Age of Scripture, an era based entirely on the Word and Word alone, has passed away.  The term ‘spirituality’ is very popular these days.  How do we define this ‘spirituality’?


We cannot work with only the Gifts of the Spirit.  In the same light, we cannot live in the love of God without the gifts of Spirit.  Divine things of God are delivered through the gifts of the Spirit.


The love of God has been shed abroad in us through the Holy Spirit, and shared among us through the gifts we receive from this communion (Rom 5:5).


We therefore become perfect and holy through the love of God.  Isn’t this that spirituality we are talking about and looking for?


If we use these gifts to edify and proclaim our lives for God, our lives will be in His care.  We do not have to focus on church revival, or building healthy families for God will provide them for his children (1 Col 1:18).


It is my sincere prayer that this book may help all believers claim their part of the kingdom of heaven by seeking true spirituality.  I give all the glory to the Lord, Who has extended my life for his purpose.  I also would like to express sincere thanks to all of you saints and coworkers.




                                                                             November 8, 2007

                                                                             Rev. Chun Soo Lee



Note:  All Bible scriptures are from the King James Version, unless otherwise noted



Table of Contents


Chapter 1       Operation Siege of God’s Love

            1. The Power of the Father God’s Presence

            2. Almighty God

            3. Operation Siege of the Love of God


Chapter 2       The Church in the Garden of Eden

            1. The Original Will of God

            2. Opened to the Outside

            3. The Binary Nature of Human Consciousness

            4. The Kingdom of God


Chapter 3       The Love of God That Solves All Problems of Self-consciousness

                        (spirit of devil) and Sense of Belonging (spirit of Man)

            1. Self-Consciousness (spirit of devil)

            2. Sense of Belonging

            3. The Love of God, the Holy Spirit

            4. The Origin of All Problems in this World

            5. The Perfect Love is established only by the Gifts of the Spirit


Chapter 4       Only Love Makes Things Perfect and Holy

            1. The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit

            2.  Repentance than Powers (The Fruit of the Spirit: Fruit of Repentance)

            3. The Gift of the Fruit of the Spirit (Manifestation of the Spirit)

            4. Manifestation of the Holy Spirit (Gift) solves All Problems

            5. Repentance with Word and Prayers is the Only Solution to Life Problems


Chapter 5       Put on the Kingdom of Heaven

            1. Man was Created as a King

            2. Structure of the Kingdom of Heaven (Structure of Love)

            3. The Kingdom of Heaven Now is ‘Inside’ of You

            4. Inner Realm, the Throne to Rule the Outside World


Chapter 6       The Power of the Kings That God has Ordained (Spiritual Help)

            1. The Origin of the Kingship

            2. The Throne of Grace

            3. Having Spiritual Help-Meet (Companion)

            4. Overcoming the World

            5. Extending the Kingdom of Heaven

            6. Ruling of the Kingdom of Heaven


Chapter 7       See You as Kings

            1. A King Does Not Live For His Family Alone

            2. A King Does Not Live Only For Riches or Possessions

            3. A King Does Not Live As a Hireling

            4. A Kingdom Cannot Stand If A King Ignores and Deprives His People

            5. A Kingdom Cannot Be Defended By Destroying Other Kingdoms

            6. A Kingdom Cannot Stand Only By Observing Commands and Statutes

            7. All Are Kings: Kings of Heaven or Kings of Earth

            8. A King Has To Invest All He Can For His Kingdom


Chapter 8       King’s Images Seen as Spiritual Images

            1. The Principle of Seen Images

            2. Images of Gifts Appeared on Body

            3. Other Images

            4. Saints Who Want To See the Images to Inquire Worldly Matters

            5. Saints Who Always Prepare


Chapter 9       See You in the Heaven