Beginning Remarks



Tongues (Speaking in tongues) is a very common spiritual gift; yet, it brings about much confusion and debates among believers.This book can cause much debate, as well.


However, we should not just stand back apathetically and look at this spiritual phenomenon, of which many Christians and churches experience, simply through critical eyes.Once someone begins this work, other people will surely rise up in later days to clarify and improve the initial work and bring it to near perfection.


This work is part of the authorís spiritual theology and gift-based theology.The author expects the book will bring much benefit to people who need deeper understanding and clarification on this topic.Since the spiritual world is very deep and mysterious, it certainly is a very difficult task to define and explain the realm through human knowledge and logic.The author does not claim the work to be an absolute truth on this topic.


The author simply expects that the work will be useful to the spiritually aspiring clergies and church members, and from the reading of the book the author further desires more clearly defined and good works will come about through you in the near future.I give my thanks to you for choosing to read this work!



1996. 12. 24

Rev. Chun Soo Lee






I. Importance of Words


1.Spirit = Words = Life (Movement) Image

2.Three Spirits and Three Words

3.Godís Spirit, Godís Words, Godís Movement

4.The Spirit of the World, the Words of the World

5.The Spirit of Man, the Words of Man

6.Holiness and Words

7.Life Controlled by Tongue

II. Theology of Tongues


1.The Lord Who Entered into Us in Light

2.Believersí Signs and Tongues

3.Various Kinds of Tongues


III. Benefits of Speaking in Tongues


1.Guiding Us to Seek Godís Will (Interceding Us as the Will of God)

2.Helping to Store up Spiritual Insights in Us

3.Eliminating Satanís Thoughts and Worldly Thoughts

4.Liberating Us from Human Relationships (Humanistic Fellowships)

5.Oppressed Spirit Being Freed

6.Sustaining Oneís Spiritual Fullness and Leading One to Be Filled up Spiritually

7.Leading One to Worship and Pray in Spirit


IV. Paulís Encouragement on Speaking in Tongues


1.Every Believer Wanting to Pray in Tongues

2.Prayed in Tongues Comparatively More Than Others

3.Being Able to Worship in Tongues and Interpretation

4.Tongues Used Only When Praying to God Alone

5.Do Not Forbid Speaking in Tongues


V. Reasons for Not Being Able to Pray in Tongues


1.When Not Having the Full Knowledge of Tongues

2.Through Oneís Belief (When One Believes) That Tongues Is Abolished by God

3.Being (When) Oppressed by Other Spirits

4.When Closing Our Mouth (One Closes Mouth) Under Spiritual Oppression

5.Not Voicing Out in Sound

6.Putting Strength Intentionally on Oneís Tongue


VI. Reality of Speaking in Tongues


1.Believers Already Given the Gift of Tongues

2.Fighting the Oppressing Spirit Through Faith

3.Cooperating to Allow the Movement of the Spirit in Oneís Body


VII. Interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy


VIII. Questions and Answers


Closing Remarks