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02/11/18Being a Vessel of HonorPastor LeeRM MP3
02/04/18The Mission from AbovePastor LeeRM MP3
01/28/18Message of Prophet JeremiahPastor BrianRM MP3
01/14/18Write the Letters of Christ in SpiritPastor LeeRM MP3
01/07/18Faith to Cry Out Day and NightPastor LeeRM MP3
12/31/17Living in the Kingdom of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
12/24/17The Babe Lying in a MangerPastor LeeRM MP3
12/17/17My Personal ChristmasPastor LeeRM MP3
12/03/17Christ, the Evidence of the UnseenPastor LeeRM MP3
11/12/17Promotion According to the God's Will IIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/05/17Promotion According to the God's WillPastor LeeRM MP3
10/29/17The Good, Good FatherPastor LeeRM MP3
10/22/17Our King Jesus ChristPastor LeeRM MP3
10/15/17We are KingsPastor LeeRM MP3
10/08/17Finding Your CallingBishop AbulitsaRM MP3
10/01/17Freedom, the Power of God's ChildrenPastor LeeRM MP3
09/24/17The Way of Love, the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
09/17/17Mysterious and Successful WayPastor LeeRM MP3
09/10/17Only Love SavesPastor LeeRM MP3
09/03/17Signs and Calling on the Name of the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
08/27/17Jesus, the Name Given by the FatherPastor LeeRM MP3
08/13/17Special MessageBishop CannonRM MP3
07/30/17Be Ministers of the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
07/16/17System of Salvation - Mystery of Christ IIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/09/17System of Salvation - Mystery of ChristPastor LeeRM MP3
07/02/17Blessings and Authority of a BelieverPastor LeeRM MP3
06/25/17Born Again to a Living HopePastor LeeRM MP3
06/18/17Happy Father's DayPastor LeeRM MP3
06/11/17 Lead Me to the Cross IIPastor LeeRM MP3
06/04/17Lead Me to the CrossPastor LeeRM MP3
05/28/17Blessings Through RelationshipsPastor LeeRM MP3
05/21/17Remembering Your GodPastor Brian LeeRM MP3
05/14/17Mother's LovePastor LeeRM MP3
05/07/17The Love of the Father God IIPastor LeeRM MP3
04/30/17The Love of the Father God (I)Pastor LeeRM MP3
04/23/17I am the Resurrection and the Life IIPastor LeeRM MP3
04/16/17I am the Resurrection and the LifePastor LeeRM MP3
04/09/17The Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday)Pastor LeeRM MP3
04/02/17Walk in the Spirit - Living in God's WordPastor LeeRM MP3
03/26/17Faith, Word and the SpiritPastor LeeRM MP3
03/19/17Belief and FaithPastor LeeRM MP3
03/12/17The Kingdom of Love VIIPastor LeeRM MP3
03/05/17The Kingdom of Love VIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/26/17The Kingdom of Love VPastor LeeRM MP3
02/19/17The Kingdom of Love IVPastor LeeRM MP3
02/12/17The Kingdom of Love IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/05/17The Kingdom of Love IIPastor LeeRM MP3
01/29/17The Kingdom of Love Pastor LeeRM MP3
01/22/16Turn to Me and Be Saved !Pastor LeeRM MP3
01/15/17Why Settle with Your LimitationsPastor LeeRM MP3
01/08/17Perfect and Loving DadPastor LeeRM MP3
01/01/17Live Abiding Love in GodPastor LeeRM MP3
12/25/16The Ultimate Gift from AbovePastor LeeRM MP3
12/18/16Wedding Invitation to the Lost IIPastor LeeRM MP3
12/11/16Wedding Invitation to the LostPastor LeeRM MP3
12/04/16The Great CommissionPastor RhemetRM MP3
11/27/16What is Our Destiny? IVPastor LeeRM MP3
11/20/16Thanksgiving Heart Leads to SalvationPastor LeeRM MP3
11/13/16What is my Destiny? IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/06/16What is my Destiny? IIPastor LeeRM MP3
10/30/16What is my Destiny?Pastor LeeRM MP3
10/23/16Passion for a Double PortionPastor LeeRM MP3
10/16/16The Last Journey of ElijahPastor LeeRM MP3
10/09/16The Crown of Life - True VisionPastor LeeRM MP3
10/02/16The Crown of Life - The Narrow GatePastor LeeRM MP3
09/25/19The Crown of Life - Operation JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
09/18/16The Crown of Life - The Sponsor of the RacePastor LeeRM MP3
09/11/16The Crown of Life - The Race for LifePastor LeeRM MP3
09/04/16Stephen - How to TeachPastor Brian LeeRM MP3
08/28/16The Crown of Life - From Hell with LovePastor LeeRM MP3
08/21/16Jump Over Flesh Barriers Everyday IVPastor LeeRM MP3
08/14/16Jump Over Flesh Barriers Everyday IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/07/16Jump Over Flesh Barriers Everyday IIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/31/16Jump Over Flesh Barriers EverydayPastor LeeRM MP3
07/24/16House of God - Church VIII (Good Church)Bishop KhoRM MP3
07/17/16House of God - Church VII (God's Design)Pastor LeeRM MP3
07/10/16House of God - Church VI (The Redeeming Ministry)Pastor LeeRM MP3
07/03/16House of God - Church VPastor LeeRM MP3
06/26/16House of God - Church IV (For sinners saved by Grace)Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/19/16A True FatherPastor LeeRM MP3
06/12/16House of God - Church III (God's Will)Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/05/16House of God - Church II (God First)Pastor LeeRM MP3
05/29/16House of God - ChurchPastor LeeRM MP3
05/15/16The Day of PentecostPastor LeeRM MP3
05/08/16A Retirement Plan for EveryonePastor LeeRM MP3
05/01/16A Retirement Plan of an Unjust Steward IIPastor LeeRM MP3
04/24/16A Retirement Plan of an Unjust StewardPastor LeeRM MP3
04/17/16The One ThingPastor LeeRM MP3
04/10/16Who is Jesus to You?Pastor LeeRM MP3
04/03/16Two TreesPastor LeeRM MP3
03/27/16Because He LivesPastor LeeRM MP3
03/20/16The Passover Feast (Sedar) IIPastor LeeRM MP3
03/13/16The Passover Feast (Sedar)Pastor LeeRM MP3
02/21/16God Helps Who Trust in HimPastor LeeRM MP3
02/07/16Redeeming MinistryPastor LeeRM MP3
01/31/16In That DayPastor LeeRM MP3
01/17/16My Savior Jesus ChristPastor LeeRM MP3
01/10/16The Way of the Cross Leads HomePastor LeeRM MP3
01/03/16Unleashed to Please the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
12/27/15Jesus .. Lying in a MangerPastor LeeRM MP3
12/20/15The Pioneer Has ComePastor LeeRM MP3
12/13/15Immanuel the Son of the VirginPastor LeeRM MP3
12/06/15Prince of PeacePastor LeeRM MP3
11/29/15I am Fearfully and Wonderfully MadePastor LeeRM MP3
11/22/15Waters Where Feet May Fail IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/15/15Waters Where Feet May Fail IIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/08/15Waters Where Feet May FailPastor LeeRM MP3
11/01/15Do you See People in Tombs?Pastor LeeRM MP3
10/25/15Our Mission of JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
10/11/15Who is a Child of God IVPastor LeeRM MP3
10/04/15Who is a Child of God IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/27/15Who is a Child of God IIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/20/15Who is a Child of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
09/13/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the Gates VIIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/06/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the Gates VIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/30/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the Gates VPastor LeeRM MP3
08/23/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the Gates IVPastor LeeRM MP3
08/16/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the Gates IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/09/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the Gates IIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/02/15End of Matter is Entering the City by the GatesPastor LeeRM MP3
07/26/15Don't Be a Foolish OnePastor LeeRM MP3
07/19/15Desire and Live for Immortal LifePastor LeeRM MP3
07/12/15Trust the Savior JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
07/05/15Christians in the WorldPastor LeeRM MP3
06/28/15Take Off Your Veil !Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/21/15Listen Father! Be a Father!Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/14/15Heart of the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
06/07/15Be Strong in Seeking the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
05/31/15Light of the WorldPastor LeeRM MP3
05/24/15Touch Me and Transform Me, Lord!Pastor LeeRM MP3
05/17/15Miracle Changes Man into a Child of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
05/10/15A Way of Christ or Ways of the DevilPastor LeeRM MP3
04/26/15Lord, Have Your Way in MePastor LeeRM MP3
04/19/15Live by the Resurrection PowerPastor LeeRM MP3
04/12/15Believe and See God's GloryPastor LeeRM MP3
04/05/15He is Risen!Pastor LeeRM MP3
03/29/15Even Rocks May Cry Upon Christ's LovePastor LeeRM MP3
03/22/15Humility Abides in the Love of JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
03/15/15Repentance and Obedience ...Pastor LeeRM MP3
03/08/15Last Days are Promotion TimesPastor LeeRM MP3
03/01/15How to Excel Through the Last DaysPastor LeeRM MP3
02/22/15Being One in Purity VIIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/15/15Being One in Purity VIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/08/15Being One in Purity V (Heirs of God)Pastor LeeRM MP3
02/01/15Being One in Purity IVPastor LeeRM MP3
01/25/15Being One in Purity IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
01/18/15Being One in Purity IIPastor LeeRM MP3
01/11/15Being One in PurityPastor LeeRM MP3
01/04/15Let's Burn in God's FurnacePastor LeeRM MP3
12/28/14Walk in the Manner of Your Holy CallingPastor LeeRM MP3
12/21/14Mighty God and Everlasting FatherPastor LeeRM MP3
12/14/14Wonderful CounselorPastor LeeRM MP3
12/07/14Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth PeacePastor LeeRM MP3
11/30/14The Lord is my Strength IVPastor LeeRM MP3
11/23/14Thanksgiving, Our Power Pastor LeeRM MP3
11/16/14The Lord is my Strength IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/09/14The Lord is my Strength IIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/02/14The Lord is my StrengthPastor LeeRM MP3
10/26/14Pleasing the Lord GodPastor LeeRM MP3
10/19/14Joy is Joining to the Lord IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
10/12/14Joy is Joining to the Lord IIPastor LeeRM MP3
10/05/14Joy is Joining to the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
09/28/14From the Sinking Sand to the Solid RockPastor LeeRM MP3
09/21/14What is Sinking Sand?Pastor LeeRM MP3
09/14/14Stand Firm on the Solid RockPastor LeeRM MP3
09/07/14The Solid Rock for AllPastor LeeRM MP3
08/31/14Abide in My Love VIIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/24/14Abide in My Love VIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/17/14Abide in My Love VPastor LeeRM MP3
08/10/14Abide in My Love IVPastor LeeRM MP3
08/03/14Abide in My Love IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/27/14Abide in My Love IIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/13/14Abide in My LovePastor LeeRM MP3
07/06/14His Marvelous LightPastor LeeRM MP3
06/29/14The Purpose of a Grain of WheatPastor LeeRM MP3
06/22/14My Sincere and Pure Devotion to ChristPastor LeeRM MP3
06/15/14Father Knows How to Give Good ThingsPastor LeeRM MP3
06/01/14Every Word from the Mouth of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
05/25/14From Heaven or from ManPastor LeeRM MP3
05/18/14Immanuel God of PeacePastor LeeRM MP3
05/11/14True MothersPastor LeeRM MP3
05/04/14The Vision of Jesus the Risen KingPastor LeeRM MP3
04/27/14The Risen King - 52 DaysPastor LeeRM MP3
04/20/14The Risen KingPastor LeeRM MP3
04/13/14King of KingsPastor LeeRM MP3
04/06/14Salvation from the Cosmic Jail IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
03/30/14Salvation from the Cosmic Jail IIPastor LeeRM MP3
03/23/14Salvation from the Cosmic JailPastor LeeRM MP3
03/16/14Joy of the Lord is My StrengthPastor LeeRM MP3
03/09/14In My Name Cast Out DemonsPastor LeeRM MP3
02/23/14Stay Awake All TimesPastor LeeRM MP3
02/16/14Heaven is Good and Perfect PlacePastor LeeRM MP3
02/09/14Example of AchanPastor LeeRM MP3
02/02/14The Scarlet CordPastor LeeRM MP3
01/26/14Mark of God's ContainersPastor LeeRM MP3
01/19/14What Container Am I?Pastor LeeRM MP3
01/12/14Opened Eyes and Burning HeartPastor LeeRM MP3
01/05/14What is Your Life's GoalPastor LeeRM MP3
12/29/13An OOMPH of JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
12/25/13Christmas Story 2013Pastor LeeRM MP3
12/22/13The Christmas - A Savior's BirthPastor LeeRM MP3
12/15/13He is DelivererPastor LeeRM MP3
12/08/13Seek Above Even to DeathPastor LeeRM MP3
12/01/13Activate the Power of UnityPastor LeeRM MP3
11/24/13Am I Giving Thanks for All Things?Pastor LeeRM MP3
11/17/13Are You Malfunctioning?Pastor LeeRM MP3
11/10/13God's Kindness and SeverityPastor LeeRM MP3
11/03/13The Most Important Agenda to AccomplishPastor LeeRM MP3
10/27/13Everyone Forces His Way Into the Kingdom of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
10/20/13Stay in the Grace to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
10/06/13Resurrect Christ in You to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
09/29/13Let the Divine Power Work to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
09/22/13Be Demon Busters to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
09/15/13Be Ye Filled with the Spirit to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
09/08/13Escape from the Death Trap to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
09/01/13Be a Container of Jesus to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
08/25/13Be a Believer to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
08/18/13Abundant God Searches for Empty Vessels to BlessPastor LeeRM MP3
08/11/13God Works When We Do Not HavePastor LeeRM MP3
08/04/13Who Love GodPastor LeeRM MP3
07/21/13Who Endures to the EndPastor LeeRM MP3
07/14/13Be Holy for I am Holy 3Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/30/13Be Holy for I am Holy 2Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/23/13Be Holy for I am Holy 1Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/16/13The Father's HeartPastor LeeRM MP3
06/02/13The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me 3Pastor LeeRM MP3
05/26/13The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me 2Pastor LeeRM MP3
05/19/13The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me 1Pastor LeeRM MP3
05/12/13For the Love of Christ Controls UsPastor LeeRM MP3
05/05/12So Prove to be My DisciplesPastor LeeRM MP3
04/28/13You Should Go and Bear FruitPastor LeeRM MP3
04/21/13I am the LightPastor LeeRM MP3
04/14/13I am the Door to Abundant Life IIPastor LeeRM MP3
04/07/13I am the Door to Abundant Life IPastor LeeRM MP3
03/31/13I am the Resurrection and the LifePastor LeeRM MP3
03/24/13The Donkey of the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
03/17/13Your Bodies as a Living SacrificePastor B LeeRM MP3
03/10/13Making DecisionsPastor B LeeRM MP3
03/03/13Jesus is My Love IIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/24/13Jesus is My Love IPastor LeeRM MP3
02/17/13Jesus is My RootPastor LeeRM MP3
02/10/13Jesus is My Light IIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/03/13Jesus is My Light IPastor LeeRM MP3
01/27/13Jesus is My LifelinePastor LeeRM MP3
01/20/12Jesus is My SaviorPastor LeeRM MP3
01/13/13Jesus is My BrotherPastor LeeRM MP3
01/06/13Jesus is My RestPastor LeeRM MP3
01/01/13Jesus is My WayPastor LeeRM MP3
12/30/12Jesus is My MasterPastor LeeRM MP3
12/25/12From the Baby to the SaviorPastor LeeRM MP3
12/23/12A Gift Even for HerodPastor B LeeRM MP3
12/16/12Immanuel - God is with UsPastor LeeRM MP3
12/09/12Power of Mystery (Know How)Pastor LeeRM MP3
12/02/12Mystery of LovePastor LeeRM MP3
11/25/12Pursue LovePastor LeeRM MP3
11/18/12ThanksgivingPastor LeeRM MP3
11/11/12Walk by Faith VIIIPastor B LeeRM MP3
11/04/12Walk by Faith VIIPastor B LeeRM MP3
10/28/12Walk by Faith VIPastor B LeeRM MP3
10/21/12Walk by Faith VPastor LeeRM MP3
10/14/12Walk by Faith IVPastor LeeRM MP3
10/07/12Walk by Faith IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/30/12Walk by Faith IIPastor B LeeRM MP3
09/23/12Walk by Faith IPastor LeeRM MP3
09/16/12The Ladder of Jacob IVPastor LeeRM MP3
09/09/12The Ladder of Jacob IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/02/12Being StillPastor B LeeRM MP3
08/26/12The Ladder of Jacob IIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/19/12The Ladder of Jacob IPastor LeeRM MP3
08/12/12God's Anointing VIIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/05/12God's Anointing VIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/29/12God's Anointing VPastor LeeRM MP3
07/22/12God's Anointing IVPastor LeeRM MP3
07/15/12God's Anointing IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/08/12God's Anointing IIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/01/12God's Anointing IPastor LeeRM MP3
06/24/12Faith as a Tiniest SeedPastor LeeRM MP3
06/17/12Father's StrugglePastor LeeRM MP3
06/10/12Assurance Given at the Times of IgnorancePastor LeeRM MP3
06/03/12Divine JourneyPastor LeeRM MP3
05/27/12Let's Celebrate My PentecostPastor LeeRM MP3
05/20/12A Very Little Requires FaithfulnessPastor LeeRM MP3
05/13/12Love That Does Not Seek Its OwnPastor LeeRM MP3
05/06/12Invincible ChurchPastor LeeRM MP3
04/29/12Be Built Up as a Spiritual HousePastor LeeRM MP3
04/22/12Small ThingsBrian LeeRM MP3
04/15/12Be Enriched with Grace by Resurrected JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
04/08/12Is Jesus Resurrected in You?Pastor LeeRM MP3
04/01/12The Fulfilled ProphesyPastor LeeRM MP3
03/25/12Lord's DonkeyPastor LeeRM MP3
03/18/12The Grand CommissionPastor LeeRM MP3
03/11/12From Darkness with LovePastor LeeRM MP3
03/04/12Places for a Child of LightPastor LeeRM MP3
02/26/12Walk as Children of Light III (Loving Souls)Pastor LeeRM MP3
02/19/12Walk as Children of Light IIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/12/12Walk as Children of Light, Not of DarknessPastor LeeRM MP3
02/05/12The Light of the World, of Life and DarknessPastor LeeRM MP3
01/29/12Live with the Great and Awesome God IIPastor LeeRM MP3
01/22/12Live with the Awesome and Great God IPastor LeeRM MP3
01/15/12From Darkness to LightPastor LeeRM MP3
01/08/12Stand Firm Thus in the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
01/01/12Pressing on the Upward CallPastor LeeRM MP3
12/25/11Jesus, the Center of ChristmasPastor LeeRM MP3
12/18/11God's Goodwill Toward MenPastor LeeRM MP3
12/11/11Signs and Wonders of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
12/04/11Live in the Name of JesusPastor LeeRM MP3
11/27/11Walking with the LordPastor LeeRM MP3
11/20/11ThanksgivingPastor LeeRM MP3
11/13/11Is Christ Your Satisfaction?Pastor LeeRM MP3
11/06/11Things that are Perishable and UnperishablePastor LeeRM MP3
10/30/11Fight the Good Fight of the FaithPastor LeeRM MP3
11/29/11ANCOG Retreat 4:30 pm SessionPastor LeeRM MP3
11/29/11ANCOG Retreat 3:30 pm SessionPastor LeeRM MP3
11/29/11ANCOG Retreat 1:30 pm SessionPastor LeeRM MP3
11/29/11 ANCOG Retreat 11 am SessionPastor LeeRM MP3
10/23/11Reflecting ChristBrian LeeRM MP3
10/16/11Fear Not Little FlockPastor LeeRM MP3
10/09/11Be a God PleaserPastor LeeRM MP3
10/02/11God's Way Out for MankindPastor LeeRM MP3
09/25/11God Designed Blessed LifePastor LeeRM MP3
09/11/11God Seeks an Intimate Love RelationshipPastor LeeRM MP3
09/04/11Is God Folly or Savior?Pastor LeeRM MP3
08/28/11Healing the Water of Jericho - IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/21/11Healing the Water of Jericho - IIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/14/11Healing the Water of Jericho - IPastor LeeRM MP3
08/07/11Elisha, God's Righteous InstrumentPastor LeeRM MP3
07/31/11God's Faithfulness and His RighteousPastor LeeRM MP3
07/24/11Do You Evangelize as a King ?Pastor LeeRM MP3
07/17/11Qualification of the Kingship IIPastor LeeRM MP3
07/10/11Qualification of the Kingship IPastor LeeRM MP3
07/03/11The True IndependencePastor LeeRM MP3
06/26/11The Life of a Born-AgainPastor LeeRM MP3
06/19/11Two Fathers and Two SonsPastor LeeRM MP3
06/12/11The Day of PentecostPastor LeeRM MP3
06/05/11A Blessing in a Season of CursesPastor HudsonRM MP3
05/29/11Life in His Presence IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
05/22/11Life in His Presence IIPastor LeeRM MP3
05/15/11Life in His Presence IPastor LeeRM MP3
05/08/11Happy Mother's DayPastor LimRM MP3
05/01/11We Who are Out of the WorldPastor LeeRM MP3
04/24/11You Are Witnesses of These ThingsPastor LeeRM MP3
04/17/11Triumphant Entry into JerusalemPastor LeeRM MP3
04/10/11Passover Feast IIPastor LeeRM MP3
04/03/11Passover Feast IPastor LeeRM MP3
03/27/11Selfless Love Makes Us GrowPastor LeeRM MP3
03/20/11We Have Confidence in the Selfless LovePastor LeeRM MP3
03/13/11Selfless Life in Selfless LovePastor LeeRM MP3
03/06/11Only Love Saves Us from JudgmentPastor LeeRM MP3
02/27/11God's RevelationPastor John HwangRM MP3
02/20/11Krispy Kreme in the HousePastor Tim Bradham RM MP3
02/13/11Be the Light of the World IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
02/06/11Be the Light of the World IIPastor LeeRM MP3
01/30/11Be the Light of the World IPastor LeeRM MP3
01/23/11Be the Salt of the EarthPastor LeeRM MP3
01/16/11Stretched Out Javelin of Joshua Pastor LeeRM MP3
01/09/11We are People of the New CovenantPastor LeeRM MP3
01/02/11Business Plan of our Father GodPastor LeeRM MP3
12/26/10The Baby King Beyond the Narrow Gate IIPastor LeeRM MP3
12/19/10The Baby King Beyond the Narrow GatePastor LeeRM MP3
12/12/10The Narrow Gate to LifePastor LeeRM MP3
12/05/10Open the Heaven in You IIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/28/10Open the Heaven in You IPastor LeeRM MP3
11/21/10Live in the Name of Jesus VIIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/14/10Live in the Name of Jesus VIPastor LeeRM MP3
11/07/10Live in the Name of Jesus VPastor LeeRM MP3
10/31/10Live in the Name of Jesus IVPastor LeeRM MP3
10/25/10Live in the Name of Jesus IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
10/17/10Live in the Name of Jesus IIPastor LeeRM MP3
10/10/10Live in the Name of Jesus IPastor LeeRM MP3
10/03/10God of the Darkest NightPastor LeeRM MP3
09/26/10The Master Key to ALL - IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/19/10The Master Key to ALL - IIPastor LeeRM MP3
09/12/10The Master Key to ALL - IPastor LeeRM MP3
09/05/10God's Audio Video TeachingPastor LeeRM MP3
08/29/10The Name of Jesus - IIIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/22/10The Name of Jesus - IIPastor LeeRM MP3
08/15/10The Name of Jesus - IPastor LeeRM MP3
08/01/10They Will See Me In GalileePastor LeeRM MP3
07/18/10Do You Know the Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven?Pastor LeeRM MP3
07/11/10Do You Love God?Pastor LeeRM MP3
07/04/10What is Living by Faith?Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/27/10What is Our Faith?Brian LeeRM MP3
06/20/10FaithPastor LimRM MP3
06/13/10Are You Saved?Pastor LeeRM MP3
06/06/10The Secret of Our Life - IIPastor LeeRM MP3
05/23/10The Secret of Our Life - IPastor LeeRM MP3
05/23/10The Saving Power: The Father's LovePastor LeeRM MP3
05/16/10The Saving Power: The Way of LovePastor LeeRM MP3
row 362
05/09/10The Saving Power: The Love of GodPastor LeeRM MP3
05/02/10The Saving Power: The Consuming Fire from GodPastor LeeRM MP3
04/25/10The Saving Power: The Fire from Heaven Pastor LeeRM MP3
04/18/10The Power to be Free from Being DeceivedPastor LeeRM MP3
04/11/10The Power of Connecting Heaven and EarthPastor LeeRM MP3
04/04/10The Power that Swallows up Death in VictoryPastor LeeRM MP3
03/28/10The Power that Overcomes 'I' with Word and PrayerPastor LeeRM MP3
03/21/10The Power that Overcomes Evil with GoodPastor LeeRM MP3
03/07/10Life That is Always Delivered unto DeathPastor LeeRM MP3
02/28/10What Are You Doing Now? Pastor LeeRM MP3
02/21/10Church Should Burn with Mind of MissionPastor LeeRM MP3
02/14/10Storms and the God that Calls Us into ThemRev Andrew HudsonRM MP3
02/07/10Whoever Abides in Jesus and Jesus Abides in HimPastor LeeRM MP3
01/31/10Every one "from Below" needs the One "from Above" Pastor LeeRM MP3
01/24/10A Wise Faces Tonight's DeathPastor LeeRM MP3
01/17/10Strong Workers Master the BasicsPastor LeeRM MP3
01/10/10Strong Workers Where God's Will is FullfillingPastor LeeRM MP3
01/03/10ANCOG Vision for 2010Pastor LeeRM MP3