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Pure Life Ministries have been teaching/preaching basic spiritual teachings of Jesus as appeared in the four gospel books at various mission fields including Central America, Philippines, Myanmar, and Korea.  We have realized that this basic principles are far more important to bring Churches of Jesus Christ back to the track that our Lord wants to lead.  The Lord recently has revealed a remarkable yet simple understandings of human brainwaves in conjunction with the spiritual principles taught by Jesus to Rev. CS Lee. It has been developed to formulate following diagrams which help us to understand the essence of the principle.  Considering that human is created fearfully and wonderfully by God as spiritual beings, it is not surprising to see that the brainwaves are closely knitted with the function of the spirit/soul/body all together.  We are indeed fascinated as we find out details being revealed in this context.  The pictures listed below are some of the graphical representations of our findings. We hope and pray that these may greatly help anybody who want to deeply delve in for finding truth of Jesus, the Master.

Fig.1-Biomedical scientists have studied human brainwaves: Correlations between the frequency of the brainwaves (BW) with typical human behavior have been mapped as shown in the figure.  As you see the BW increases as activities increases. 

Fig.2-Spiritual meanings of the BW have been given in the figure.  It is clear that a natural man (a sinner) is a slave to the devil.  Their interests are only outside matters and their life is centered around 'I' the self-consciousness which is always controlled by the devil and his subordinate demons on the background. This sinful 'outer man' is an enemy of God who will go to hell when they die according to the plan of the devil.

Fig.3-This is a repented and spirit filled person whose life is totally surrendered to the Lord so that his/her inside and outside are controlled by holy angels under supervision of the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit.  You may recognize that the person's 'I' has been totally denied and his/her relationship with others have been totally restored!  This person is fully united by the Lord Jesus Christ!

Fig.4-Dual nature of a human being is depicted because no human being is perfect due to the body.  Only when a person is full of the Holy Spirit after deep repentance, he/she is free from the works of the devil and demons. This state has to be persisted to the end.  Such person is wrapped in the bundle of life by the Lord AND has tight rope of prayer which is the lifeline from the Lord.  It is clear that any conceptual Christian may be extremely vulnerable!  Fullness of the Holy Spirit is a must to overcome and conquer the world! The devil hates praying and Spirit-filled people who are the prime target to destroy! It is foolish, therefore, to loose the rope of prayer (stop praying, so to speak) and to be exposed to the worldliness - a suicidal act!

Fig.5-The figure clearly shows the nature of our spiritual battle: to come out of the devil's lie OR NOT!  Only the repentance in the name of Jesus is the solution of victorious life.  Fullness of the Holy Spirit can not be achieved by NO repentance.  Our life's goal is to continuously repent and be filled by the Spirit at all times.  (2 Cor 4:11, Matt 6:33, Matt 16:24-26, Mark 10:29-30, Gal 5:16-18,24, ...)